See Our Infrastucture

See Our Infrastucture

Shreyansh Marble Tiles Pvt. Ltd.

Shreyansh Marble Tiles Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1984 in Abu Road, Rajasthan. The company is involved in the processing and trading of all types of Indian and Imported Marbles, Granites, & other stones, in standardized & custom sizes. Apart from Marble & Granite mines in Reodar, Rajasthan, we also have warehouses and showrooms located in Delhi, Kishangarh & Abu Road.


We operate five factories of Marble and Granite in Rajasthan. Each factory is equipped with gang saws and state-of-theart line polishing machines. We offer different stone finishes like: Lappato Finish, Sand Blasting, Flamed & River Finish. Annual Production capacity: 300,000 sq. meter for Marble slabs 200,000 sq. meter for Granite slabs .


At Shreyansh Marble Tiles Pvt. Ltd. we have sophisticated & modern machinery:

•Diamond Blade cutting Gang Saws 50, 70, 80 Blade •Wire block dressing machines

•Wheel cutter machines •4 Blade, 6 Blade, 8 Blade, multiple cutter granite units

•Turntable Multi Slab-Sizing Machines •8 Bridge Cutting Slab-Sizing Machines

•Planetary & Diamond tools polishing Lines for Granite (16 head each)

•Mono blade Block Dressing Machine

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